I have been doing magic since I was three years old. I got my first magic trick from Houdini's Magic Shop in a small casino in Las Vegas. From there I bought a magic set, further creating interest in the art. I have since grown a collection of over 400 magic tricks, the majority of them involving detailed sleight of hand. When I moved to Temecula, I visited the local magic shop where I was able to meet Bob Elliot and gained interest in performing. I soon discovered a club in Hollywood called the Magic Castle which was exclusive to magicians and people who knew magicians. The Magic Castle offers a Junior Program, where young magicians under the age of 21 go each month to meetings where they perform at the Castle and are able to use the most extensive magic library in the world. In order to get in however, you have to perform a five minute audition in front of a live audience and judges. I got in on my first try when I was 14. Since then I have been working on a twenty minute act for the dining room. I also competed in the close-up competition at Tannen's Magic Camp. 

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