* Sold 35 pieces of his Art at the 2010 Expo.

* Took 63 selections to Artexpo ( a total of 100 pieces of art ).

* John has completed over 200 paintings / drawings in less than 2 years.

* John has been interviewed for five publications: Art Business News Magazine / Urban Sketchers / Moonlight Chronicles / The Press-Enterprise / 2010 New York Artexpo Magazine.

* The lead animator from "Smoke and Mirrors" / Serkan Ertekin met with John at the Artexpo after reviewing John's artwork. Mr. Ertekin has done numerous projects over the years including the animation for Spike Lee on the final Michael Jackson Video "This is It".

* Artist / Actress Jane Seymour bought John's art piece "BORED" at the Expo, met with him and then video taped his booth for the work she does with children.

* "FOUNTAIN PENS", a painting by John was purchased by a New York Gallery owner and is now on display.

* Art Traditions Company CEO was brought to the booth by Kim Klatt ( a representative from Art Business News Magazine ). Art Traditions very much liked John's work and will be in touch to work out an agreement for sales of prints and possibly originals.

* An M.A. student and friend from Sothebys Institute of Art bought 4 pieces of John's artwork.

* The president of Cohort Productions Abe Shainberg ( produced Brothers in Arms ) and his friend ( owner of An American Craftsman gallery in Rockefeller Center that sells Glass sculpture ) bought the prints " S.F.GOURMET DOGS" and " LIGHT HOUSE STAMPS".

* The Film Festival and Grants Coordinator for Moon and Stars Project in New York City deals with numerous Museums and will be in touch as she feels John's work could go hand and hand with what she is doing. She and her husband ( the owner of studio P in New York City ) bought two of John's art pieces.

* Artist Cesan d'Ornelles Levine, exhibitor from the Canadian Artexpo and husband bought ''EUBIE IN CONCERT" from John.

* Childrens book cover artist Maria Madonna Davidoff bought John's "JOHN WOOLLEY" self-portrait.

* Art Business New's Magazine is doing another article on John for the April issue, a follow-up article after hearing about his success at Artexpo.

* We will pursue Guild membership at the San Diego Museum of Art after meeting briefly with a guild member on the board of directors while at the Artexpo. She said John was the best she had ever seen for his age and would be the youngest guild member if he were accepted. We are hopeful of course.

* The Artexpo magazine only did 4 articles: Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones who was showing his artwork at the expo, Actress / Artist Jane Seymour who was also showing, Zoe Yin, another young artist and John Woolley. They decided to do the article on John after seeing his work last month.

* Peter Rosenthal, managing director of First Creative Capital in New York City bought "BORED" from John.

* Artist Ed Heck ( Museum of Natural History, Rocker Carmine Appice collaboration, BBC and Disney ) bought "LIGHTHOUSE STAMPS" from John.

* The owners of Dream House in Bantam, Ct. have spoken with John about doing a benefit for an ill child in Bantam. They very much loved John's work. John donated "S.F.GOURMET DOGS".

* John's artwork has been seen over 12,000 times in his online art gallery.

* John has received over 800 comments on his gallery from artists around the world.

* John was a featured artist at "Sakura of America Company".

* "Winsor-Newton" has recognized John's artwork.

* John's artwork has been the subject of numerous Blogs around the world over the past two years.

* John's artwork has been published twice in "Moonlight Chronicles" by Author Dan Price. Publisher Random House.

* "Urban Sketchers" interviewed John for an article they did September 2009.

John signed special notes to buyers of prints at the Expo, parents brought their kids over to speak with John about Art, John autographed cards and prints and one buyer even had John take down the booth sign at the end of the show and autograph it for his 13 year old daughter, buyers asked to get their photographs taken with John. The booth attracted hundreds of people and John enjoyed himself. It was a great first show.

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