John was 9 years old in the summer after 3rd grade when he started drawing and painting on a regular basis. At that time he began his books "Backyard Journals" that included his artwork and his writings. He has finished over 100 pages and over 250 art pieces since then. John is now 18 years old and in college. He lives in Temecula, California.

       He has been published twice in "The Moonlight Chronicles" by author Dan Price. Winsor- Newton art supply company in England saw his work, loved it and has since written to John praising his work and sending along art supplies for John to add to his studio. He was listed on Sakura of America‚Äôs website as one of their featured artists. Urban Sketchers in Seattle contacted John during the summer of 2009 and did an interview with him. That interview boosted his exposure worldwide. He has been lucky to see many comments on blogs and websites around the world regarding his artwork. John has also been interviewed by Art Business News Magazine twice, The Press Enterprise Newspaper, The 2010 International Artexpo Magazine and was noted recently in an article from the North County Times Newspaper. Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Breen has also noted John's work over the past year. John has also joined the roster of artists at Sterling Lord Literistic.



John Woolley was an 11-year-old prodigy artist and is the youngest member of the San Diego museum of art guild. He has completed over 250 paintings and drawings since he was 9 years old.



        John likes to draw everything. Sometimes it takes him 30 minutes to draw and paint something, sometimes 4 hours or more. John would do art in school with the other kids and took an art class once when he was 6 years old but other than that he is completely self-taught. He has a simple approach to art and it is "The Illustrated History of His Life", the day in, day out things that John observes and feels he has to sit down and draw. He has sold his artwork in New York where he was an exhibitor at the Artexpo among 1200 adult artists. When asked recently what he wanted if he were to sell some of his art he replied, " Some more magic tricks, some more art supplies, a Terra Trike and a Uni-Cat Expedition Vehicle".

       Life appears to be very simple for John at the moment. Most of what John has drawn and painted and everything that was displayed at the International Artexpo were works from when he was 9 and 10 years old. He was recently contacted again by Art Business News Magazine and will appear in the April issue.

       John has numerous other interests as well and has, over the years, mastered a variety of extremely difficult magic tricks including sleight of hand. He has studied the art of magic since he was 3 years old. John is a golfer, a swimmer, an excellent student and plays conga's well enough to perform with any band. His art is his passion and John wishes to continue it into adulthood.

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